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May 31, 2011


   Rhinelander: The beer that started the entire stubby beer bottle craze is back! Rhinelander Export Lager in a Shorty (7 oz) bottle is back on the market, The project took 2 years to complete requiring a sizeable capital investment, including creating brand new molds for the Shorty style bottle, creating a retro label design, equipping the Brewery to package the unusually shaped Shorty bottle and most importantly, working diligently to perfect the recipe and creating the taste of the original Rhinelander Shorty beer.

    The Rhinelander Shorty launch is taking place in Rhinelander on Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Festivities planned include a noon hour business address by the President of the Rhinelander Brewing Company, a ribbon cutting ceremony at 4 PM as well as a special launch party in the evening at the Best Western Claridge Hotel titled "Welcome Home Shorty Party". Even the famous Rhinelander Shorty Baseball Team Uniform from the 40's is expected to show up at the events! This party has been 40 years in the making since the sale of the Rhinelander Shorty was halted.

   The initial response throughout Wisconsin has been nothing short of amazing. Almost every retail store and bar in and around Rhinelander is selling the Rhinelander Shorty Export Lager. In fact, the first batch of production is already sold out. The second batch is being packaged on May 31, with a strong media presence recording the event. There has already been more than 100 placements of Rhienlander Shorty in Madison, Rhinelander and other parts of the state of Wisconsin. Orders have also been received from as far as Canada – particularly Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where the Rhinelander Shorty will be available within the next 3 weeks – as soon the next batch can be produced to meet the surging demand for the beer and when the Government approvals for Rhinelander Shorty in Canada have been obtained.

   With the summer beer season upon us, we are reminded of an anonymous Czech proverb "A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure." The Shorty is sure to fit the bill and satisfy the demanding and knowledgeable beer drinker.

   BACKGROUND: The historic Rhinelander Brewery produced Rhinelander Export Lager at its brewery located at 1 Ocola Road in Rhinelander from 1882 to 1967 when it was closed, just like hundreds of Breweries closed with the advent of multi national mega breweries. For many decades, Rhinelander Shorty was one of the most successful reginal brands sold in the Midwest including Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and of course, Wisconsin.

For interviews, photographs, samples or further information, please contact:

Dennis Rego, 
General Manager, 
Rhinelander Brewing Company LLC. 

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